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Getting current program name on Primary Interface

I’m trying to get program name through any interface. Can you give me 100% sure that it is on primary or any other interface?
Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:


If it’s through any interface the easiest would most likely be the Dashboard Server. You connect to Port 29999 and send commands via TCP/IP to Polyscope. It’s different from the other interfaces as it doesn’t require URScript but premade text/messages. For instance to get the name of the currently loaded program you would send: “get loaded program” and the return value would be “Loaded program: <path to loaded program file [ie. the name of the program]” or “No program loaded”.

You can see more info on the Dashboard Server at the link below. Note that the commands and descriptions (along with other info) are in the PDF attached at the bottom of the article.


Here you have library to connecting with Dashboard Server, maybe it will be helpful for you.