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Get the name of a program sent through the realtime server

Hi everyone,

Does somebody knows how to get the program name of a program sent through the realtime interface? For example, let say I send this program to the realtime server (30003)

def myprog():

How can I get the information that the robot is currently running the program myprog?

As it is displayed in the log I imagine there is a way to get this information.

The dashboard server (29999) only displays the loaded program in Polyscope.


If I remember correctly the logs are being streamed on port 30001 as one of the streaming data packets. I’m not aware of any request response type commands to retrieve that.

You can connect to the real-time client on port 30003 and receive the real-time data stream from that port. The received byte message consists of 1060 bytes, the last 8 byte (double value) contain the “Program State”, see the “Client_interface.xlsx” excel sheet:

So this double value can tell you if a program is currently running or not. Maybe this helps you. I’m not aware if there is also the possibility to find out the name of the running program.

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