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Get the value of RTDE in JAVA Swing

Hello, everyone, I had a problem building the deamon service. I replaced the hello-world.py in MydeamonSwing with RTDE records. py, and could not start deamon.The discovery is caused by the introduction of the “import rtde.rtde as rtde” statement.How to fix it.

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My ultimate goal is to read the value of the GP INPUT in the Integer Register in real time, display it in the installation, program node in real time, and update the value in real time.4

  1. I’ve tried using the example in scriptCommunicator where a value read in real time of more than two causes the software to crash.

  2. The data read by getRobotDate using 30002 and 30003 ports does not appear to have the value of Integer Register Input

Have you read these two articles:
Remote Control Via TCP/IP.
Real-Time Data Exchange (RTDE) Guide
It might help to get the data that you need.

And the statement import rtde.rtde as rtde depends on where you have placed the rtde file.