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Force Function without Move

I am looking for a solution to apply a force without commanding a simultaneous move. In other words, think of the robot applying acupressure to a given point. If the robot moves to an X,Y, Z waypoint using the new Direction Move and stops when contact is made and the action is set to apply a force of 30N in the -Z direction, we would expect it to apply that force but it does nothing unless I also make a move slightly in the -Z direction. I don’t want to have to make this fake move. I want the force to be applied at the contact point of the Direction Move.

How could there be force without movement ? What is the problem with the move-command?


i don’t get this either. The force mode prevents the robot from getting into a safety stop when the applied force in the configured direction hits the safety threshold. In other words: the robot moves - but the axes will block and apply a raising force to the blocking direction plane.

I think what you are looking for is a nested until node - go to a waypoint with high speed until contact und go further in that direction with low speed until 30 N force is reached.