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Following E-series style guide with HTML


I’m building a new URCap using HTML and I’m trying to follow the e-Series style guide but because of the low amount of support CSS and HTML tags it’s incredibly much harder than it needs to be.

For example without support for the “float” css property I’ve had to create columns using “display: inline-block;” instead. The problem with that is that interprets whitespace as text so the HTML source code has to either lack proper indentation or the parent element needs “font-size: 0” to avoid that. Then font-size: 0 gets inherited so all fonts become invisible and all child elements with text in them need to set the font-size properly again.

Also since I cannot use “margin” or “box-sizing” I need extra nest levels with divs and classes compared to how the framework bootstrap does it. It’s not very pretty.

Currently I believe I’ve hit a roadblock because as far as I’ve understood it the installation node should have a 32px high “card header” with a title and that card header should have a specific background color but background colors are not supported with the HTML+CSS URCap API?

So my question is if it’s even possible to follow the e-Series style guide and build a program node + installation node using the HTML API or do I have to switch to Java Swing to be able to do that?

If it is possible how do I solve the card header in the installation node? Any examples out there?