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Feedback on your Download-Webpage


I want to give you a feedback to your Support/Download Webpage.
I personally loved your old one with guided dropdown menu and the sorted files I got presented.
The new one in comparison I really find it more confusing and think it’s a huge step backwards.
Don’t get me wrong, but it looks like a large Data storage with some filter options and no good classification as it was before.

For example if I want to get the newest UR3 CB3 Software update I have to open first the right category of the right filter to check multiple checkboxes, and then I get unsorted Update files.
The worst of all is that the newest software update isn’t on the first view entries, so I have to click multiple times on the load more button and hope to find, out of all the entries, the highest number and so the newest update.

I hope you can understand me and I personally would like to see a comeback of the old dropdown menu’s, they were just so intuitive.

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