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Feature via support variable issue


I am having a little issue with the features.

My goal is to repeat the same pattern in different locations, hence the use of features.

I have tried the following methods:

  • I have set a feature_1, then i have assigned some waypoints to the movel. Then in order to change feature_1 to its new location, i have simply modified it. The program works correctly and sets the previously waypoints in their new location.

  • I set a feature_1 and i have taken some moveL with respect to this proposed feature_1. then i have set a feature_2 and i have changed the previously assigned moveL to the new feature_2. this procedure works fine.

I am a bit tired of changing each time the feature name inside the moveL menu, so i came up with this idea:

  • I have set a generic_feature_point as support variable. i have assigned this support variable to each moveL

  • I have set an assignment at the beginning of my robot program having the following form : generic_feature_point = feature. In this way i should be able to assign my reference plane just at the beginning.

This support variable procedure does not work completely:

  • If i start my robot program from the assignment line, the robot goes to a fuzzy position

  • If i start my robot program from the moveL, the plane gets changed and the program runs normally.

Does someone have some ideas about this behavior?

Thank you for you advice and cooperation

It sounds like you’re on the right track here. Maybe you have the coordinate system wrong for one of the features you are assigning to generic_feature_point?

I’ve attached a short program you can run in the simulator to demonstrate what I think you’re trying to do. If you unsuppress line 8, and suppress line 9, you can watch the robot from the graphics screen and see what happens when the coordinate systems are different between features.

The program was written for a UR5e with software version 5.11.4. If your real robot matches that, you can also run this on a real robot in simulation mode.

fluffypancake39.zip (4.8 KB)


thank you for your help!

The approach you have proposed has really helped me figuring out the problem from a different perspective.

As soon as possible i will try it also on the robot

Thank you