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Fault - SafetyA: C281A3 caused by Safeguard Stop

Hey guys,

in our robot plant we are using safety floor mats that cause a Safeguard Stop when someone is stepping on them. In the settings I have chosen a smooth transition in order to give the robot time to slow down e.g. when the Safeguard Stop is initiated while the robot is in full speed.
But somehow it does not help: Between picking and placing the part I am using a joint move and maximum speed possible. When then somebody is stepping onto the mat the robot occasionally throws the error

“Fault - SafetyA: C281A3: Robot State Machine: Shoulder joint entered the Fault State”

When the speed is reduced and somebody is stepping onto the map, the error is not thrown but the robot stops in Safeguard Stop. Am I missing something here? How can I solve that problem?

Thanks for your help in advance and a good start into this new week,