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Error in the Polyscope because of creating a JButton

Hi everybody, I created a JButton like the Example in the starter package and I think I did an error in the program. could someone help me please ?

Have a look in the “Advanced view” drop down menu. This will tell you the line at which the error has occured to help you with debugging. This is a cast exception meaning you are trying to force an object to be a type of object that is incompatible. The advanced view drop down should be your first port of call.

EDIT: having looked at the code, you pass the apiProvider to the contribution instead of the instance of the view class on line 55 of your contribution class. The advanced view will tell you the error occurs on line 55. Change apiProvider to nameOfViewClass.this.

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Thank you so much for your help. Can you please send me a print screen of the andvanced view, cause I didn’t find it?

The advanced view button can be found on the error popup in the last of your screenshots


I think, your code will crash on line 24 SnowBlasterProgramNodeView.java

  • tooliocontrolswing is an example how to use ViewAPIProvider in ProgramNodeView