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Dynamic Payload

How do I set payload which I don’t know in UR10 CB3 series?

Hi, rushiadawade2212.

First, Booting the UR10’s Teach Pendent, and you can see the 4 type’s select button.

the button is

  1. Run Program
  2. Program Robot
  3. Setup Robot
  4. Shutdown Robot

You should select the 3. “setup robot”, then you can see the first button, “Initialize robot”.
and, You write the New Active Payload.

Dear swkim

Thanks for your reply.
But sir I have to set dynamic payload which is not exactly known to me, but payload is in robot’s limitations.
Is there any other solutions??
As like in UR E series we can use values from FT sensor to set dynamic payload.

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Please check this link.
You can setting the dynamic payload.