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Dynamic movement of robot for multiple activities

Hello Universal,

My name is rick I am working with a robot for my customer. I want to use the robot on multiple activities happening at different positions with different programs. I want to be able to move and position the robot with minimal effort, the robot needs to dynamically find the plane as part of the surface installation/initiation. Moving the robot should not require the manual procedure to redefine the plane. The robot knows the plane (size is unchanged), and should dynamically calibrate to it from the new robot position. The problem is that the robot will not be exactly at the same position after it was moved. The plane is of course defined by its three points. I am struggling with calibrating back to the plane, as the orientation of the plane after movement is not considered correctly. I have at least not been able to find a solution yet. Is there a way to dynamically determine the orientation and place of the plane once the robot is moved and the program is started?