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Does the Dashboard Server close corrupt client connections?

We’re using the Dashboard Sever to communicate with the robot (server) from our PLC (client). If the PLC is updated or looses power while connected to the server, we’re can’t reestablishing communications with the server until we either change the PLC’s IP Address, or power cycle the robot. Even using a client disconnect then reconnect doesn’t work.

It seems as if the server is not closing the connection even when the client becomes disconnected. Does this sound logical? Shouldn’t the dashboard server perform as follows:

Server checks if a client is still actively connected. If not, the server closes the relevant socket. This will free the socket from a client that suffers a failure or communication error, and that does not disconnect properly.

Any thoughts or comments are appreciated, thanks!

Dashboard server accepts all incoming connection requests. There is no limit on number of connections from the same IP address.
You could try to watch network traffic between PLC and robot (possibly using URsim, and wireshark) to check why connection is rejected.
You could also look at polyscope debug console (connect keyboard to robot and CTRL-ALT-F9) to see if there are any error messages from dashboard server.
What software version are you using?