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Default configuration of the analog outputs


I’m using the analog outputs in voltage mode on a UR5e.

1 - What is the default configuration of the analog outputs when the arm is powered on (or during the boot)?
2 - Is it possible to configure the default mode of the analog outputs to avoid electrical conflicts with the external interface during the time the script that configures the outputs mode is loaded?
3 - Is it possible to configure the default value of the analog outputs during the robot power on (or during the boot)?

Thanks in advance for you help.


Analog outputs will be in the configuration defined in the installation screen upon startup.

Analog outputs will be at 0 V on startup if configured as Voltage outputs.

Thank you Pho,

The problem is that the configuration of the analog output mode is not available in the installation screen (I/O setup). In an other hand, if you modify the mode manually in the I/O screen, the configuration is not saved and at the robot startup, the analog outputs are configured back in current mode.
So this is a problem if we design an interface with the voltage mode. As the robot configures the analog outputs in current mode at the startup, there will be an electrical conflict with our interface which expected a voltage mode interface.


After making changes to items in the installation screens, you need to save the installation file for it to apply when you power cycle the robot.

Thank you Pho for your reply. Yes, it works now.