Deactivate/ Block to switch between LOCAL and REMOTE mode?

Good morning,

since im struggling with the Dasboard Server (to recognize if the mode (LOKAL/ REMOTE) has changed, I´m asking if there is any possibility to block the possibility to change that mode from the HMI?


Or to only change it via password?
Or can i block the entire UR HMI at all?

Thank you in advance

You can place a password on the ability to change from remote to local, yes. You will find this in the Password section of the settings menu (3 horizontal bars in the top right corner)

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HI @eric.feldmann,

I´m not to sure about this.

I set up a Password. BUT still i can switch between Local and Remote acces (without password).
It only asks for a password once im in Local Mode and i then i try to get “Manual” activ:


Also what i don´t undertand is, that after i selected a password, i can even change (once I´m in local mode) between “Manual” and “Automatic”.

Before “activating” a password, i could only select/ choose between Local and Remote.

What you’re seeing as far as Automatic now showing up is normal. When in “Automatic” you still have access to the Play button, and maybe a few other things. The robot might not be able to be started externally either. Not sure about that. The password is only required when switching OUT of Automatic. It assumes if you’re already in Manual, then you have adequate permissions and doesn’t ask when you switch to Auto. It’s also worth noting that as far as the Dashboard command “get operational mode” is concerned, Automatic and Remote are the same, as both modes return “Automatic” (at least I’m pretty sure)