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Dashboard interface


I sent following commands over the dashboard communication interface on URSim.

“power on\n”
“load installation\n”

“Power on” command works on. The Simulator goes to Idle state.

But, “load installation\n” command does not start the robot. State of the URSim is not changed to Normal.

The documentation says that “The load command fails if the associated installation requires confirmation of safety. The return value will be ‘Failed to load installation’.”

What should I do to change the state of the robot to Normal.


you need to specify your installation file name
e.g. ‘load installation default.installation\n’

the robot will be powered off after loading the installation so you need to reboot with “power on\n” or you can directly use “brake release\n” which completes the initialization in one step.

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After Idle mode, what about trying a brake release command?