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Custom popup text structure (newline, center, break, underline etc.)

Hello everyone,

i would like to create the text structure in my operator popup messages more clearly by implementing things like mentioned above. I thought about simple arguments like “\n” that i can put into the operator message description, but that seems not to be possible.
Does anyone have an idea or a solution?
If it is helpful: I am working with version 3.9.

Thanks in advance,

You can use HTML to format a string in URScript, please see this post. Newline, underline, and line breaks are easy to implement. To centre text, you will need to use a div inside the html, for more information on this, see: this post on Stack Overflow. The answer is for formatting text in java, but the principle works just the same in URScript

That`s exactly what i was looking for. Thank you! I must have overlooked this post…

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