Create custom GUI to set variables value etc

Hi, it is possible to implement a custom view (with textboxes, dropdowns and buttons) to give the possibility to change the value of the variables with (or not) a URCap, after the program starts?

It’s possible.
Please see here.

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Hi, thank you for the suggestion.
Anyway, if I understand, the sample you showed me wait until the operator input something in the popup, right? But, what I want to have is a custom (main) interface that work asynchronously from the rest of the program; so if, for example, the operator want to update some parameters or manage some aspects of the robot, this can be done without wait the operator to input something and so blocking the underlying robot program.
I don’t know if I was very clear in explaining my problem.
Thanks in advance.

Hi xavexave. I have been following the issue (having a GUI for an operator during program run) for longer time but I think in current development it is not possible to do that. I have read one forum thread that someone achieved this but if I remember well it was not clean and UR specialist did not recommend this approach.
I (and many of us) have been waiting for the same feature because we like to exploit the UR touch screen also to get some data from an operator asynchronously.
I hope this will be implemented.

Hi Ales, thank you for the feedback.
Actually I have some doubts about being able to implement what is necessary, I appreciate that you have shared your personal experience and I will definitely take into account the final decision to continue or not on the functionality they asked me to implement.
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We have developed a URCap and separate computer program that can achieve this.
Please have a look at the following post:

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