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Correct mass and center or mass?

By comparing the urdf model of UR5e with the mass properties in this article, I noticed that there were some differences, especially in mass. Which data source is closest to the true values? Is there a more official spec somewhere?

For reference, UR5e link mass comparisons (urdf on the right):
Link1: 3.71 vs 3.7
Link2: 8.058 vs 8.393
Link3: 2.846 vs 2.275
Link4: 1.37 vs 1.219
Link5: 1.3 vs 1.219
Link6: 0.365 vs 0.1879

We are using the urdf model in a simulation, so it is important that the mass properties are correct.

We are currently fixing this on the melodic-devel-staging branch. See also this PR related to this. However, I think I indeed missed to update the masses there, as well.