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DH parameters of e-series robots

Since the new e-series robots have different dimensions, I wanted to know when you will provide the DH parameters for these robots or update your document about the dimensions of the CB models [1]. I looked through your faq pages and the presentation of the new robots, but there was no information about the parameters.

At least for the UR5e I found DH parameters in a pull request of the UR ROS package but I rather would like something official.

[1] https://www.universal-robots.com/how-tos-and-faqs/faq/ur-faq/actual-center-of-mass-for-robot-17264/

The robot DH parameters are available in the e-Series (and CB3 for that matter) calibration manual, which is available at the UR Support Site.

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Thank you for updating that website (althought the links are all dead).

I have two follow-up questions:

  1. How can I check which series of the UR5 I have? I checked polyscope and the manual but found nothing.
  2. Why did the d1 parameters change for the non-e-series robots? The old website that I liked above listed the d1 for
    UR3 with 0.1519,
    UR5 with 0.089459 and the
    UR10 with 0.1273.

Whereas the calibration document lists the d1 parameters for
UR3 with 0.118,
UR5 with 0.08920 or 0.089159 and the
UR10 with 0.118.

You can always open the urcontrol.conf file in your robot setup folder on the OS, to find the applicable DH parameters for your robot.
For accurate values for your particular robot, you should also use the calibration files, to find the respective corrections to the DH model.

I believe the value 0.118 for the UR3 is actually a mistake. It should be 0.1519 as listed on the old website (and confirmed by CAD measurement on UR3.step)

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