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Conveyer Tracking without Encoder

hello everyone,
i want to use conveyor tracking.And i have a conveyor that has Monitor with a Speed/min on it. so can i without Encoder use the conveyor tracking?If can, how can i count the tpm?
thx for your help.

Did you try the set_conveyor_tick_count() URScript function?
This can be used to set the tick value from URScript.

thx for your help,and i havent test it yet.Before i test it ,i also want to know how to caculate the tick? all i know for the conveyor is the diameter of the drive roller and the number of Speed/min.

When starting conveyor tracking, you enter a value as “ticks per meter” or “ticks per revolution” (for circular conveyors).
For a linear conveyor if the “speed/min” is i.e. 30 meters, then (30 [m/min] / 60 [sec/min]) is 0,5 m/s.
If “ticks per meter” is defined to 10000, then you should increment the “set_conveyor_tick_count()” by 5000 every second.
If on a CB3, the controller frequency is 125 Hz, then for every control cycle (8 ms) you should increment the tick count by (5000/125) 40 ticks.

thank you very much!You have totally answer my question! i will try it soon!
best wishes!

hallo i still have a question.The Robot use which command to make sure how fast is the conveyor?