Controlling Spindle with URScript


I was wondering how to control a milling spindle with the URScript. The issue is that besides the simple on/off signal, the rpm and the rotation direction have to be set. As I imagine, it must be just three lines of code, but the URScript manual didn’t help me too much.

I am using a UR10e that is able to control the spindle.

Can anyone help me, please?



Is everything for the spindle just GPIO or are you using any communication? If it is just GPIO then it would probably be a Digital IO for the on/off and direction, and an Analog IO for the RPM. You should look at the manual of the spindle to know how these signals should be set.

Works completely fine as you suggested! The RPM is controlled by the amount of voltage supplied. I guess that could also be controlled with a Digital IO? Otherwise, I would have to set the speed manually every time.