Connect HEX F/T sensor to computer using Python


I wrote a python program to connect the UR3 robot to the computer and obtain the Force and Torque values this way.
I used a socket connection with the computer IP and the socket.bind() function.

Is it possible to get these values straight from the sensor?

I know the IP adress and when I write this adress on the internet, I can see the Force and Torque values in real time, even when the UR Teach Pendant is turned off.

Thank you!

Could be just me, but that was a bit confusing. You’re trying to read the values from the OnRobot Hex FT sensor to your computer yea? Instead of from the result of a URCap and then through the robot?

Can you send a picture of what it looks like when you type the IP in your browser?

If someone really doesn’t know a way to do this already, you could always download wireshark and listen to the LAN and read the raw data coming from the “compute box?”

Thank you,

That is true, I am trying to read the values from the sensor, without using the robot, because of the communication delay.

Here you see my screen when I type the IP in my browser.

Is it possible to read the data from the compute box, by using only a python program?
Because if I get the values on wireshark, I will still need to find a way to receive them via Python.