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Conflict on ttyUSB with Robotiq Urcap installed

We’re developing a Urcap for using a device that communicates with the robot controller through a ttyUSB node.
We’re experiencing a conflict problem when we run our Urcap with the Robotiq Urcap installed on the robot: it seems that the Robotiq app takes the control of all ttyUSB nodes in the robot computer, so that we’re not able to communicate with our device.
How can we solve this problem?

Have you reached out directly to Robotiq regarding this?

Yes, we’re waiting for an answer

Hi r4p,

We have answered your e-mail with details about how we use the ttyUSB and what we think might be the issue. As a quick answer, it is definitely possible to have many URCaps using the ttyUSB ports. For instance, our gripper and sensor URCaps can coexist on the same robot without any issue.

Please continue the discussion by e-mail.

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