Compatible HMI with no PLC

Hello i am looking for an HMI panel that can be connected directly to the UR-robots without the need for a PLC or other master. Is there any HMI panel with this sort of compatibility?

I have never done this, but most HMI do have ability to talk over Modbus TCP. so I would think it could be setup like that pretty easily.

I have Just setup a HMI Directly to UR5e using LabView

Using RTDE to get Robot Status, Safety Status, All Digital and Configurable I/O, Reading and Writing to Registers ((Int and Boolean) (Remote Start Stop))

Using Dashboard for prog selection and Drives on etc.

what HMI panel did you use?

standard Windows 10 PC and touchscreen monitor.
LabView can be a little pricey though.

Im looking for a standalone HMI panel, but i only have experience in setting up Siemens HMI’s always connected to a PLC. I’m looking to deliver a solution to a customer where an HMI panel is used for a couple of things. So i’m looking for a solution where i can connect an HMI panel and it still being cheaper than just buying a PLC and HMI and doing it that way.

It sounds to me like your minds already made up with a Siemens HMI.

Just connect it to the Robot Via Modbus I’m sure Siemens do a HMI version with Modbus.

Is it possible for the HMI to get access to the bit register etc. without a PLC?

I’m new in this field and have also only worked with Profinet

I think you’d have to set the Robot as Server and the HMI as Client

see Modbus Server - 16377 | Universal Robots Support

I’ve never set up a Modbus HMI But Robot to Robot over Modbus TCP works great I can’t see why it would be any different.

I’ll look into this solution.

Thank you for taking some time out of your day to help me m.hammerton.