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Robot Start/Stop from HMI connected to PLC

Hello everyone!

I have UR10e Cobot and want to fully automate it in order to be able to start/Stop from HMI connected to PLC by adding just two buttons on the HMI. How to connect the robot with Allen Bradley PLC & HMI? How to program the robot to receive the HMI signal through PLC and start/stop the operation. Please, If there someone who did this before and can help me I will be very appreciative. Taz

Hi moatazkiddo, welcome to the forum!

Have a look at this Ethernet IP guide - 18712 - collaborative robots support
It shows how to connect Allen bradley PLC to UR#


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Hey Matt!

Thank you very much for the link, I will have a look at it now. I really appreciate it.


I know you are running a different PLC, but I just finished a project using a Unilogics PLC/HMI with no built in I/O. The end result is that the operator uses the HMI to control everything with the UR5e. It was all done via EIP. This forum and MSITech helped me set it up.

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