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Communicate UR with some External Device

I’m trying to communicate UR with some external device. I know that I can use UDP communication, and i found some information that it is possible with socket. But I wasn’t able to open socket communication unfortunately.
I did manage to configure UR + comera controler with socket communication earlier so I’m pretty confident that I know how to do it.

My question is if maybe some of you did try to communicate with devices like that or used some UDP communication?
I’ve attached some documentation.

Thank you for your help.

UDC_Comm.pdf (277.2 KB)

I’m not an expert but I believe that UR only supports TCP socket communications, UDP and TCP are not the same protocol.

I’ve used the socket connection within the UR extensively to cameras as well as our own server but everything is using TCP protocol.

Is the camera that you successfully connected to UDP or TCP?

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You’r right. I’ve connected to the camera with TCP Socket communication.
I’ve thought that maybe UDP i somehow compatible with TCP.

So I think I’ll have to find another way to communicate with that device. But thank you very much for contribution.

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