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Collision with mounted camera

I want to mount a camera (100x100x50 mm) as the end effector of my robot. How can I make sure that the robot won’t collide with the mounted camera. If I set my TCP in the middle of the camera, there is still a chance, that the robot can hit himself with the camera, while moving to a position. Or am I wrong? I saw an option to set the tool boundaries on the tablet itself, but that is not what I meant I guess. Is it possible with the robot itself, or do I need an adjustment in my UR+ programm?

To be specific, I work with a CB-Series robot (SW-Version: I saw you can add a radius of the tool in the E-Series.

Thank you for your help!


Hello Valentin,

the robot has not the ability to check a collision with its self. There is a check on the eSeries for reducing the clamping risk between the wrist1 and wirst2 joint. But this would not solve your issue here.

If the possible collision is connected to the a certain angle range for different joints, this could be forwarded as a recommendation for the user to include in the safety settings. But this then only be valid for one possible way of mounting it. Otherwise you would need a different joint angle set.

You could also supervise the angles during the program runtime in a separate thread and halt the program, if they violate your boundaries. But the same issue with the mounting applies here as well.

I am not sure, if this would solve the the problem to your satisfaction, as this is highly situational. Adding a part about this problem in the manual and raise awareness that could be a compromise.

Hello Stefan,

Thank you for your answer.
How does the robot plan the path in a MoveJ command if he is not checking, that he won’t collide with himself? Or is this also achieved by limitating the joint angles?
The camera will always be mounted on the same position at the flange, like a gripper. We want to move in a circular path, or maybe even spherical path and take photos at specific spots for 3D scanning. So we have to mount the camera at the flange and let the robot move it around the object. But we don’t want to collide the camera with the robot itself. Hope this explanation helps to understand our problem. If there is no other option, we have to set the safety limits to very restricted I guess? If this is the only option, it won’t be guaranteed that the camera won’t take any damage, so we would really like an other option if possible.