Coffee machine + ur

Hello guys, I am planning to make a coffee robot using UR5.

We have a kiosk but I have no idea what kind of communication to use.

Thank you !

Sounds like a fun and interesting project.

What will the robot be doing? How will it get orders from the public? Will it be picking and placing cups and starting the dispenser? Adding cream/sugar/irish whiskey? :rofl: Placing lids? Will it interact with the public or simply place the drinks on a bench/table/tray?

UR has, I think, most of the common communications capabilities built in, or you can run straight from the built-in controller (Polyscope).


If it’s a Kiosk I assume you’ll have some kind of separate interface for the user?

If so, the XMLRPC and TCP socket communication functionality will be very useful for anything you set up, especially if it’s a web-based UI.

Hi, Thank you for your comment.

The UR will do what you just said (picking & placing cups, start the dispenser) but the user will order it from the Kiosk.

Lets say the user orders what they want by touching the kiosk, order proceeds, then the robot should be making.

What kind of communication should be used between the kiosk and the robot?