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Code Performance Optimization - Profiling Tool

Does anyone know of any tools/profiles/scripts, etc. that provide profiling functionality in a UR program?

By profiling, I mean tools similar to IT performance tuning tools that will check the status of a running program multiple times a second and determine which line of code is currently active. Once you run it a bit, you typically find just a few lines of code account for the vast majority of the “runtime”

We have some complex systems where we need to reduce cycle time.

I’d be interested in knowing this too. I’ve been using timers at key steps and using textmsg() to write the values and description of section to the log for review to get cycle times down.


timer reset
t_stamp = timer

timer start

# Time consuming Code 1

textmsg("Code 1: ", timer - t_stamp)
t_stamp = timer

# Time consuming Code 2

textmsg("Code 2: " timer - t_stamp)
t_stamp = timer

and so on and so forth

you could probably create a clever function to bundle this process up using global variables