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Change the UR root password

So what happens if I change the root password?
To change the passwd takes a couple of seconds. I just want to make sure that nothing bad happens…

I use a couple of remote services and its connected to the internet. It would be very easy to hack…

My assumption was that changing the password would just stop updating to work. Maybe URCaps installations also?

But everything on a UR already runs under root, so I still don’t think it should be a problem. I tried it on the URSim and got some problems with reading some files, but the sim runs everything under the user “ur” so I think it will be different. I tried it again and I didn’t get any problems, so maybe just a coincidence…

So I tried it myself on a 2016 UR5 with PolyScope 3.6, taking an image with ImageUSB first, saving a backup of the /etc/shadow file and then changing it. I have not noticed any issues at all. I tried to install a URCaps, changing time, language and other settings, all worked fine. No problem with saving programs or anything. But, I haven’t tried updating or anything else.

But if you ask UR Support, they will not recommend it, the recommendation is to add external security layers. :slight_smile:

We change the root password with an custom URmagic File. Of course its done while the robot is in standby.

Ok, I don’t know what this internet gadget is. If it involves encrypted VPN connection, that should be safe enough.

If you only want to connect with one protocol from one ip or network, you can also add your own iptables as an extra layer of security if so and only accept your set IP adress or network. For having other internetservices like Insights, you can do the same, only allow the required ports.

Do you still have the root password changed? If so, have you seen any side effects have having it changed?

I work for another company now, but I think the robot where I changed it still has it changed. I’ve never seen anything really affected by it, but I would still not say for certain.
I mean, the real robots are started as root, so I do not see why you would ever need the password, but the standard password is written into URCaps and the upgrading, so maybe it would be needed in certain cases, but I haven’t noticed anything.

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