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Change home position on CB series

Is it possible to set the home position of the robot. This is the pose it goes to when the “Home” button on the Move tab is pressed. Currently I can only move it to the default home position when the robot arm is stretched.

No, it’s hardcoded joint positions vector.

This would be a useful feature. There are cases where the robot home position (out straight) is not a valid position in the installation and in fact causes a crash and damage to the EOAT.

Operators / end users instinctively hit this button when wanting to recover the robot.

Either let it be configurable or allow it to be disabled in the installation configuration.

There is a additional Home Position and Safe Home Position Setting on e-Series since Version 5.2:

tho i can’t find anything similar for the CB series in the release notes. I assumed it has to be an option on CB-Series too but it’s missing…

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