CB-series UR10: How to enable RTDE port?

Hi, I bought a CB-series UR10 and tried the real-time data exchange example from Real-Time Data Exchange (RTDE) Guide - 22229

I have set the IP address of the robot statically to

The problem is that TCP port 30004 is not open. The ssh port 22 is open, but the neither the password easybot nor the password I’ve set in the pendant work (username root).

I would appreciate if someone could tell me if I’ve missed something obvious in the setup.

Hi Pavel Tůma,
I followed the instructions to dump support files from
and I attach it here.

ur_2022300090_2022-12-16_13-10-50.zip (3.8 MB)

My serial number is 2022300090

It was solved by doing incremental polyscope updates from 3.15.5 to 3.15.8 by doing one update at a time, following instructions at Universal Robots - LEGACY DOWNLOAD CENTER