Can the robot repeat the motion from Freedrive?

Hello There,

Can the robot repeat the motion from the free drive? without me stopping to store every waypoint.
For example: If I move the robot from point, A-B-C and back to A on freedrive, can it repeat the same thing?

Is there a way to do that?

Yeah there’s some URCaps out there that have path recording stuff. I think Robotiq makes some. There’s nothing built-in that is easily accessible to do this though.

Hey Eric,

Do you know if the UR10e can do that?

Not Natively, no. Like I said, there’s some CAPs out there made by various companies that can add this functionality. I haven’t used any of them myself, so you’ll have to check the UR+ Marketplace thing. I think Robotiq’s is called the co-pilot or something

Hi thakur.
Aim Robotics AimPath URCap does exactly what you need. This is a small demo video: Aim Path URCap : Create waypoints easy - YouTube.

@thakur.28 Robotiq’s Force Copilot URCap also provide a nice Hand Guiding toolbar with the Path Recording function.
The Path Recording has option like : play at recorded speed, play at constant TCP speed, play relative to a frame, play backward
The URCap also provide other functions like improved Force Control, Insertion, Path Generator and more