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Can I use ML(machine learning) in URCap?

Hi all,

Can I apply ML in URCap?

I’d like to analysis something with robot datas by running ML.
But I’m new to Java and URCap.

I have finished tutorial and I’m studying Java however, I think It is useless if I can’t apply ML in URCaps.
So I wanna get answer for this.

My questions are

  1. Can I use python(ML for keras/tensorflow) script?
  2. Can I open external file in URCap? like .txt,(text file) .h5(ML model) files
  3. Can I use external .jar library file?

Thanks in advance.

There is a URCap example showing how to start a python daemon.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is the robot runs python2.7 and installing 3 onto that architecture can be a bit finicky. If you can create a binary using something like pyinstaller you can use the same daemon to launch it.

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It runs specifically python2.7 with ucs4 unicoding on a 32bit machine…
meaning that you will need python packages with cp27mu-manylinux1_i686 in their name.
In most cases you can therefore not simply copy the packages from your own PC.

link to numpy files as an example of this:

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