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Calling Pose from URCap generated Waypoint misses TCP Offset


when i create a Waypoint with the URCap Api it adds the Waypoint under a MoveNode and its Configuration is shown like this:

when i click “Set Waypoint” all seems normal and the below Menu is openend:

Note that the Robot Position is the same as shown in the Animation in the Waypoint Menu.

The Problem is when i click “Edit pose” it does not calculate the TCP Offset and the Robot is using its tool Flange as TCP:

it seems that this is a Representation Problem. When i Cancel the “Edit Pose” Menu everthing is fine.

This only occurs when creating the Waypoints through the URCap API.

How did you generate the waypoint?

i’m adding it through the URCap API Version 1.3.55
This Problem also occurs in the Ellipse example Program :wink:
My TCP Config is:
X: -0.77 mm
Y: -21.25 mm
Z: 415.2 mm
RX: 1.9246 rad
RY: -1.8169 rad
RZ: 0.5600 rad

Hi, since I have a similar problem, is there any solution available ?
Or, when can we expect a solution ? We need it really for our customers who do like to start using our URCAP.

Our temporary solution is telling our customers do not use edit Pose. :see_no_evil:

Ohh. Temporary = 4 months already ??
Yes, this seems to be the only work around, but this is not a solution I think. …

Another workaround is to program custom waypoint urcap nodes which we did already…

Problem also occurs in the new e-Series

@jbm please fix it :frowning:

Which version of PolyScope and URCap API is used?

PolyScope 3.6.0
with api 1.2.56

Samen happens with 3.7.0; please check also problem with getuserdefined robot position.

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We are investigating the issue.


any news about this? :slight_smile:

Error has been reproduced, and a fix is planned for next minor release (3.9/5.3).

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@jbm thanks !:blush:

This Problem:

still occurs on PolyScope Release 5.3 using API 1.5.0
Did i miss something that must be changed through the new API 1.6.0 ?

Can you verify, that the problem listed in this topic is resolved in 3.9/5.3?

The behavior wrt. the Ellipse example is unrelated.

This issue is resolved in PolyScope 3.9.