Calibration file in emulator

I’m using the UR emulator and I want to access the calibration.conf . I think it is located in the /root/ folder is that right?
.However I cannot access it because permision are denied. Then I try su and use easybot as password but it returns authentication failure. Anyone know which is the correct password??



The calibration.conf file does not normally exist in URsim. You can copy one from a real robot though and it gets placed in the folder /home/ur/ursim-current/.urcontrol

To get to a Linux command prompt within the simulator environment type CTRL-ALT-T and this will get you to a terminal window where you can browse the filesystem and see the directory structure I point out.

Hi following this topic:
Which are the units in the calibration.conf file. Because I see that in the urcontrol.conf.Ur10 the denabit hatemberrs are in meters and radians.

However taking a look at the my calibration file which has these values

delta_theta = [ -9.40498298408416866e-06, 0.27068412154354593, -0.314903939784922426, 0.0442527515792477608, 9.34172007197231709e-06, 5.93755160400425455e-05]
delta_a = [ 4.68164294735672648e-05, 0.0220582008711670552, 0.00158057850161708036, -0.00035922185146348458, 0.000281769745099834986, 0]
delta_d = [ 0.000316664403174682363, 91.8991379508659634, -90.4485183223671356, -1.45123705292539418, -0.000375134660503345652, -0.000216232948727732022]
delta_alpha = [ 0.00031730707235522182, 0.0017812786528813092, -0.0174204031901766219, -0.00145566498545623979, -8.42411731953873755e-05, 0]

is imposible that delta_d is in m since it has values around 90, an also delta_theta in radians it seems to me that has very large values 0.3 radians is like 20º which I think is too much. So I understand the for delta_d and delta_a units are mm and for delta_alpha and delta_theta are degrees. Is that correct?