C268A Special Command: Received unhandled command cmd:20

I’ve got two robots in the field at customer sites going down for mysterious reasons. At first I thought they were running into power supply issues with their grid. We put one of the robots on a UPS and still had it stop randomly. After checking the logs I found this:

There seems to be a lot going on there on the Developer side of things that isn’t well documented in the service manual. Any tips? The HMI usually stays on and they have to checkmark the box for the robot moving while powered off.

What is the actual error that robot shows?

Still working on it here. The weird part is the robot doesn’t actually show anything. The customer usually has to restart the robot and so the log starts over. I have noticed that this shows up in the Polyscope log around the time that the robot stops. (The issue was reported this morning around 14:48).

Alright, finally managed to get a support file off the robot right after it had experienced the error. They basically find it in the no controller state.

Root issue seemed to be a No Controller error. Two things seem to have helped:

  • removing the script command for path deviation warning that was at the top of the code

  • Updating to 5.11.11