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(c++)ur_rtde control interface

I am using the e-series robot and the robot software version is However, while using the ur-rtde c++ source, the receive interface works but the control interface does not. In the previously used CB-series robot, the source code was working normally, but I changed the robot and it did not work, so I am posting this post.

Post error that you’re getting.


It seems your question is related to ur_rtde. If you have any issues with the interface, please post them here. And please also provide some information / error description of what you are experiencing.

Hello, I am sorry to ask you a question here, because I always make a mistake when registering a gitlab account. I found the same problem in your RTDE library.According to the tutorial, I cannot install RTDE-c++ in Ubuntu 16.04, but the problem is not Describe the solution clearly, how can I solve it, or where should I go to pull the source code to compile, thank you for your guidance!

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi, you can maybe try sudo apt upgrade also. It looks like the packages in ppa:sdurobotics/ur-rtde is not visible for your system. That’s why you cannot locate the necessary packages.