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C-API vs Urscript

Hi there,
i want to write a desktop program to control an ur5 for simple pick and place tasks. Now, i understand i can use UrScript commands and send them over TCP/IP on the real time client interface to the robot. By doing some research over the internet i came across a couple of people mentioning the existance of a C-API. Since my Program will be written in c/c++ this would be even better than sending UrScript commands. However i’m not able to find any sort of documentation about this API. Where can i find any more informations about this C-API and is it worth the trouble.
Thanks in advance

The C-APi was only available on generation CB2, and have since been deprecated.

You can either send URScript strings / programs over a client interface, or alternatively have a minimal program running in PolyScope, that is being controlled by values written to RTDE using your C/C++ program.

thank you for your clarification !