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Bypass robot position verification

Hi all,

We are developing a machine that uses a UR10 which is integrated with an external PC which is sending commands to the robot.

Ideally, we want to be able to control everything from the external PC, which for the most part has been possible using the dashboard server and socket connections.

however if the robot has been powered down for several hours, the robots position must be confirmed from the UR pendant to do a complete initialisation.
Is there any way to bypass this step or confirm the robots position in code?.



The Robot Position Verification screen (error code C161) arise when the last saved joint positions of the robot, does not correlate “enough” with the measured current joint positions.
The frequency of this error increase, if e.g. holding the power button down is used to turn off the robot, hence not allowing the robot to “shutdown nicely” and hence not updating the file for the last seen joint positions.
Also, due to the tolerance in the mechanical brakes, some particular positions when shutting down the robot may increase the frequency of this error. However if this position is changed by a centimeter or two, the problem might disappear.

As C161 is in fact a protective stop, it can be unlocked using the “unlock protective stop” command, and robot operation can be resumed.
However the splash screen will still be present on the TP - but in most Dashboard server applications, the TP is not used.