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Boundary modes in Robots

Hello Everyone,

I want to understand the different modes (boundaries) like normal mode, reduced, and triggered reduced boundary.

I got to know about the boundaries in normal mode it will not able to pass normal body and the same for the reduced mode.

What is this normal boundary, reduced boundary, and triggered reduced boundary.

Help from your side would be appreciated!


I’m assuming you’re talking about safety planes here?

If so, those are identifiers to determine when the robot should acknowledge the safety plane.

Normal - when the robot is in normal mode, the safety plane will prevent the robot from passing through the plane. If it passes through the plane, a safety violation occurs, and the robot goes into recovery mode.

Reduced - same as Normal, but now everything only applies while the robot is in Reduced mode.

Both - the plane and it’s violations are applied any time the robot arm is fully powered on.

Trigger Reduced Mode - when the robot passes through the plane, the robot will change from Normal to Reduced mode. There will be no safety violations triggered by passing through the plane.

Hope this helps!

Hello Miwa,

Thank you for the reply!

I understood the Normal mode. Whatever plane(normal boundary) we will give it, the robot will not cross it.

for the reduced mode, it will not cross the reduced boundary same as the normal mode.

But what is the difference between a normal boundary and a reduced boundary? or it is just the plane only that we will give in respective modes?


You are correct on the difference. The only difference between a normal and reduced boundary is when the boundary applies to the robot.

Normal boundary - applies with Robot in normal mode only, and not during reduced mode.
Reduced boundary - applies with robot in reduced mode only, and not during normal mode.

Further information can be found in section “21.11.1 Modes” of the user manual.