Blend radius and intermediate waypoints behavior - set_input_actions_to_default()


I’ve recently stumbled upon strange behavior. We implemented an Python API to expose the movej/l/p functionalities to the user via RTDE / RPC.
I have three waypoints in a line, and I want the robot to not stop at pos2 and produce a nice and smooth motion between pos1 and pos3:

pos1 → pos2 → pos3

I set a blend radius of respectively 0, 0.5 and 0 (in meters), to indicate to the script that waypoint 2 is pass-through.

I have two versions of this script:

  1. Without set_input_actions_to_default()
  2. With set_input_actions_to_default() called at the beginning of the script

Version 1 makes a hard stop at waypoint 2 with r = 0.05, but motion is smooth when using an exaggerated value for R (50 or so).
Version 2 produces the same behavior as when using the teach pendant for the same task, i.e. nice and smooth motion.

Could you explain how set_input_actions_to_default() modifies the blend radius behavior?

Thanks a lot for your answer.