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Base_var deprecated on eSeries

Since eSeries, the Base can’t be set as variable.
Setting Base_var was usefull to offset a complete program at runtime.
What is the proper way to offset a complete program at runtime on eSerie ?

Whilst there isn’t a Base_var, to change the origin for a Move command, in the installation tab, under features, you can define a “Point” (you could even rename it Base_var). This point can then be selected from the “Feature” drop down in the Move screen, and all subsequent moves will treat the Point as their origin and will be translated accordingly.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the answer. I know about feature but not all nodes have the “relative to feature” option.
The Base_var was a nice feature, any idea why it has been removed only for eSeries ?

Afraid I don’t know why its been changed on the e-series, which nodes are missing a “relative to feature” option?

The Robotiq Path and Multi Point Path node, maybe somes from other partners, I don’t know.
About the reason to remove Base_var, could you find someone who knows ?
I need to know if it is temporary or if your team plan to supporte it for eSeries in a near future.

Your best bet for a reason as to why its been removed is to contact someone from UR, perhaps using the API is more foolproof than a script variable.
As for implementing a “relative to feature” option, the ApplicationAPI gives you access to the list of features that you can implement into a cap.

@ajp Does someone from UR could tel me about Base_var on eSeries ? Do you plan to supporte this feature on eSeries in a near future ?

We do not plan to re-introduce variable Base coordinate systems in e-Series.
Our recommendation is to use appropriate non-Base features on relevant motions.