Arduino Uno interface with the UR5

Hello, I m very new here and with the UR5. I made my custom gripper with a servo motor(12V), is there a way I can use the Arduino with the UR5 to control the servo motor in my gripper? Any assistance will be much appreciated. Thank you.

Maybe you can use the Arduino as Modbus slave and the UR as master.

A very simple way would be connecting a digital output from the UR to the Ardunio?

You need an electrical interface or a shield between the UR5 and your Arduino.
A good fit would be a 12V Modbus shield, because that would work as power adapter for powering the Arduino too. I have never found a 12V Modbus shield myself, but I know there is a 24V, like the MKR 485 shield.
In terms of software, there are more than 1 Modbus and RS485 libraries. What I would do is to search for a Modbus Arduino project and use their same library and shield.

Hi, Thanks for the quick reply, just wondering if u have seen any projects where I can interface a Dyanmixel Motor RS485 communication with the UR5? Thank You