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Addition of two points with different coordinate systems

Hello everybody,

I was confused about the difference between pose_trans and pose_add.

What I understood is that the “pose_trans” command is using the tool space coordinate system as reference. Whereas “pose_add” command uses the base as coordinate system as reference.

I have a point with the base coordinate system as reference : center := p[A,B,C,0,0,0]

From this point I want to add an orientation RX ( RX= 0.4 rad) using the tool space coordinate system as reference.

But I want the point resulting from this addition to have coordinates according to the base.

Can someone help me for this ?

Thank you.

It might help in your understanding to see these articles :
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Given what you describe, the solution would look like this :

new_pose = pose_trans(center, p[0,0,0,RX,0,0])

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