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Add/change Payload and Center Of Gravity to allow for per-TCP values


Add a way to associate Payload and Center Of Gravity with a TCP in both Polyscope and URCap API.

What is it?

Per-TCP Payload and Center Of Gravity settings for easier use where flange-mounted items/tools are changed either manually or dynamically (tool changer).
Currently this must be done using Set nodes (can only do payload) or URScript.
As this would be saved in the TCP settings, Move nodes, and similar, where you can change the TCP, would check if it has an associated Payload-COG and switch those as well.

Why is it needed?

While the current solutions (Set and URScript) can be used, those must be done for each program. A Payload-COG-TCP association will make it easier to set up a robot for variable tooling and ease the switching.