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About getUserDefinedRobotPosition

I am implementing a program co-work with the UR5 Robot, I found the Z Axis of Base coordinate is 400mm larger than the Z Axis of View coordinate. When I applied the getUserDefinedRobotPosition the “Pose pose” gets the Base coordinate position. But the “View” coordinate position is what I want, how to change the code to get the “View” coordinate position?

Wenchih Tai

The View-coordinate system is not at actual coordinate system, as it is fluent.
I.e. if the user merely touches the 3D Graphics in the Move-screen, your View coordinate system is changed.
Hence, this coordinate system is not useful for Cartesian absolute positioning.
I would recommend using the Base coordinate system, or a user defined Feature.

Thak you!
I will change the calculation method.
Wenchih Tai