3rd Party Switch

We are using a regular angle grinder that is attached to the UR10e end effector via a bracket that we designed in house. Wanted to know if there is any 3rd party switch or something we could buy that could connect to one of the cobot I/Os that could be tied directly into the angle grinder circuit which would turn it on and off when the Cobot program starts and ends.

How are you currently powering the angle grinder? A battery or is it plugged into an outlet or something? One really easy way to switch 120v stuff is just slap a relay on there and energize it with a robot output. If it’s an air powered tool, you’ll need a valve you can actuate with 24v and again, tie straight into the robot output.

It’s a corded electric grinder. Do you know a type of relay that could be tied in driectly to the I/Os?

Any relay that has 24V switching and handles 120v will work.

Here’s a relay we’ve used in the past to switch outlets using our cobot.
2909519, CONTROL RELAY, 1PDT, 10A

Thank you very much!