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Which measurement sensor should i buy

This is Zhou Zehong from Nanyang Polythechnic. I would like to ask you which type of distance measurement sensors would be the best to use for universal robots. I havent researched on some of the sensors whose output is either PNP or NPN and i am not sure if I/O link can be use in UR. So may i ask which is the more suitable one for the robot. Thank you.

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Zehong Zhou

this are some of the links



UR robots support PNP for digital I/O but not for IO link directly.

We’ve had good success using Modbus TCP IOLink Masters like this. It makes accessing process data from rangefinders really simple.

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For a device like you describe, that signals the robot with a pure DO signal, you can of course wire to the DI of the robot directly. In this situation IF your goal was to move until you were within a certain distance of the part (programming that distance into the sensor) then the UR command would be something like a Move-Direction-Until_DI=ON or something like that. Take a look at the Move command along with a direction parameter and UNTIL some expression becomes true (in this case the distance sensor signals true).

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