Vibrations are introduced during movement between waypoints

I have an accelerometer mounted at the TCP of a UR5. When moving between waypoints using movej() with velocity = 60 deg/sec and acceleration = 80 deg/sec^2, vibrations are measured by the accelerometer that exceed 2gee at a frequency of about 48Hz. When the robot pauses between waypoints, the vibrations are not detected. The payload is only 160 grams with a length of 128 mm and a COG at approximately 64 mm. Is this expected behavior?

I had a similar issue. It got fixed by adding a new payload on the installation tab with the measured settings, and then include it on the program with Set Payload.

Thank you for the reply cgs. I tried inserting the set_payload() function into the script, but this did not resolve the issue.

With nothing attached to the flange and all payload parameters set to 0, the vibrations are still present.